Jul 2, 2011

Friends With Fur

Friends With Fur!

I wish I could say I have kitties and cats running all over the place, but I don't.
I am sadly allergic to these darling little fur balls, so I cannot be around them too long.
 I do have two Rat Terriers that think they're Cats, lol.
The only thing I know about cats is that they're very mischievous, and they do not like water squirted at them. 
That's another thing they have in common with my ratties, maybe my Rat Terriers are really Cat Terriers, lol.
Okay so...
I'm lucky enough to have friends and family that entertain these fine little creatures 
and from time to time they share their photos with me so I can design my greeting cards.
(thank you my peeps, you know who you are)

Sometimes, as you will see...
only a "close up" is what's needed to get a great card.
Here are a few of my friends with fur.

On the right/middle we have "Cleo and Cloe"...... on the left we have "Juno".
(the names may have been changed to protect the innocent)
What A Lively Bunch!